Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's New Wednesday: 2012 Fashions from Springfield Collection

In September Springfield came out with it's new 2012 Fashion Collection. I'm making up an order for Sunshine Crafts already because there are some really cute items here. I'm wondering if they have a new designer for this set because it has a more fashion forward use of color and shapes than the last collection. For this post I'm highlighting the dresses and a skirt ensemble because I wear dresses and skirts most often. As we all know some Dolly Mommies like their dolls to look and dress like them, so since I wear skirts and dresses, and my daughters wear skirts and dresses, my dollies do too. 
I really like the zebra print that was chosen for this dress. It's trendy, fashion-forward but since it's black and white, both neutrals, the dress can be matched with bright colors to give it a variety of looks. The way the dress is shaped, it can be worn as a sundress, or more modest dolly mommies can put a t-shirt and a pair of leggings or tights under it, or a pink or black hoodie or black bolero jacket over it. This is really versatile and the animal print gives it a big fashion impact. Since the print is so bold, the simple black flats are the ideal choice in footwear.
First I want to say, the stylist should have done better by Madison with her hair style. I know her hair is challenging to style, but with a little imagination it can look really great. Whoever was in charge of doll hair this day needs to try a little harder next time. Even pig tails would be cuter than this. As for the outfit, LOVE the gold sandals. They remind me of the Gladiator Sandals that were all the rage this summer. The top is cute with the asymmetrical neckline accented by the matching ruffle. It has a real 80's feel to it. The denim mini skirt with the ruffled hem was another classic 80's item and I think it will add a lot of new interest to Mixy Matchy outfits, besides looking great with the top it's paired with.
I have this dress already and it's beautiful! Perfect for the upcoming winter holidays, it will also work on Valentines Day, especially when paired with the red-sparkly shoes already available from Springfield. The fabric is like an acetate satin, very good quality. It really gives this dress a special feel to it. I've paired it with white tights and black tights and both look nice with either black slip-on's or the aforementioned red sparkly mary janes. Whoever designed this dress deserves a lot of credit. They did a great job.
First off, someone dropped the ball on Abby's hair. She needed a braid, or an updo, or something. Secondly, I'm leery of the printed pearls. They look cheap. The waistband, with the way the tulle is attached, already looks like it was rushed. When you add in the printed pearls, this dress just misses the mark. Now I don't own the dress yet, so I can't say for certain, but so far this one looks like a miss to me. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see it in person, but for now it's my least favorite of the new items. On the plus side,the purple bow-topped sneakers are the perfect shoe choice. Another plus is that it's a modest look, especially if paired with white tights, which would match the pearls. Maybe a white satin bow around the dropped waist would improve the look? I'll give it a try when I make my purchase and share the results.


  1. Wow! I love the new ballet shoes and will probably have to get them!

  2. They are cute, I agree. I like the Springfield Fashions, but I like homemade stuff more. It shows off one's creativity and thrift, both excellent virtues to acquire. I haven't found a pattern to make your own Doll Ballet Shoes yet, but if I do, I'll be sure to share it.

  3. Well, since my girls are 70s girls, I don't really like too much of the new line. The only items I like are the pink poncho, (Michael's was out, so I'll have to order it), the romper suit, and the babydoll PJs. Now I'm not getting the PJs, b/c my girls have a LOT of PJs already. And I'm not crazy about the fact that all the items I like are pink. I'm not a pretty in pink sort of person. But that's OK. My girls have lotsa 70s fashions.

  4. Edit to add: I do have that party dress w/ the gift set, and I do like that. I just wish they came out w/ a new one instead of recycling the old one from the set.

  5. Yeah, I'm missing the colors like they used to do too. I get the Mattel is PINK and that Barbie is pink and that more and more AG stuff is pink, but not all of life is pink. There are several items in the 2012 Collection that are blessedly NOT pink, and for that I'm grateful. With the green movement for eco-stuff, I was hoping for some more green items, plus it's been forever since they did anything orange. Orange is such a fun color and it's been ignored for far too long. I'd like the purple dress better if it were orange.