Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get out your clicker finger . . .

I received this email from Sharry earlier in the week and meant to share these videos yesterday, but as usual, life gets in the way. These are a day late, but the cause is still worthy!

Hi Maggie,
This girl Ali, on YouTube, is raising money to buy 10 AG dolls to donate to toy drives around the US and Canada. The idea is that AdSense will pay Ali more money w/ all the view she gets. So could you please post these on your blog at some point w/ a message to share them w/ other people.


Happy to oblige Sharry! Here they are. Remember to spread the word!


I have to wonder though, at 20$ per doll verses $100 per doll, imagine how many more Springfield Dolls one could buy, and how many more girls who would have happy Christmas Morning with a new doll under the tree.


  1. Thanks for posting Maggie. And I don't wonder the same thing. But Ali's heart's in the right place. But it's good to know that Susan and Raychel will make some little girls happy this holiday season. Are you donating any of our Springfield friends this Christmas?

  2. That is such a sweet cause! I wish her a lot of luck with this project! it would be nice if she went with the Springfield girls, but it's still such a sweet thing shes doing. Thank you for sharing this!